YAY Zane is off the respirator!

We arrived at the hospital this morning, for the morning visit expecting to comfort an unconscious boy only to find that he had just been extubated (breathing apparatus removed from nose) His little eyes were half open. So drowsy and very groggy but none the less awake and slightly coherent.

He was reacting to us! Just to see your little boy in such a condition is heart breaking. I do not wish this experience on any one not even my worst enemy( if you are reading please consider yourself lucky 🙂 )

Well, the weight that gets lifted off your shoulders every time Zane reaches a new milestone in recovery is unbelievable.

As soon as all his pipes are out of his body then he can be moved out of ICU into High care. We don’t want to rush it, as in ICU you have a sister looking after him 24 hours a day but in High care they just keep an eye on you, which is why Philippa and I will be taking shifts at night with Zane. Thanks Granny Lyn for helping out.

Here is a clip I took this morning of Zane.

Then I ran some errands in between morning visit and 3pm visit and when we came back at 3 he was a lot more lively and reactive to our presence.

We are ever so happy about today’s events and eagerly await his transfer to high care where we can be with him permanently.

– Brennan

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Day 2 after the Operation

It’s been 55 hours since the operation. Zane is still on a respirator.
We were hoping he would come off the respirator today but he appeared to need another pipe put in him to drain fluid between his rib cage and his organs.

He is on a cocktail of about 7 different drugs ranging from adrenalin for his heart to dormicom for sedation and I think I saw some morphine on the list. I will post a photo of all the drugs being pumped into him on the Gallery website.

So right now there are 4 tubes coming out of his body getting rid of excess fluid. He has an IV on his right wrist feeding him nutrients. He has a rectal thermometer, he has a catheter, he has a thick cable going into his jugular feeding him the 7 drug cocktail.
He has sensors all over his body checking heart, respiration, breathing and heart chamber pressures.

They have a spirit level next to his bed in order to make sure his heart is at the same level as the pressure monitor in order to get an accurate pressure reading of each chamber of the heart.

I know the surgeon is one of the best in the country however he is the worst people person for parents who don’t know too much about this.
His answers to questions are usually one word, maybe 2 and then disappear to help another patient.

We do appreciate that he did such a good job on Zane but I would also appreciate a little compassion and explanation. I guess I will go to the Pediatric Cardiologist who dealt with us Dr Raymond dansky.

While we were watching Zane’s Heart rate went up to 177 bpm and the light on the monitor started to flash and alarm. I guess it makes you nervous when these things happen.

OK Philippa has just called for a quick bath with Trenton.

– out


I am just adding this video from day 2 to this post
A status of Day 2:

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At 10:45 this morning while we were biting our nails in the waiting room a nurse just came in and gave us the all clear Zanes operation was a success they were just taking him off the bypass machine. We will probably be able to see him in about 1.5 hours. He will however be heavily sedated and non responsive at least the HUGE weight is off our shoulders of anything going wrong.

The emotional stress that one goes through for this is not very enjoyable.

I got to the hospital this morning at 7am, I got to see a groggy pre-med Zane (very cute in this phase) getting ready for the operation. We found out his blood type is B positive. I wonder what Trenton’s blood type is?

The tears were not something that I tried to pull back. They flowed, for both of us.

We have taken lots of photos before he went in and just as he was put under I managed to sneak in a video of how they were doing it.

They are very nervous about camera’s in the operating room because I guess if there is a malpractice issue you have proof.

I got some last minute photos and now we wait for the post op photos.
They may be a bit traumatic but I figured one day he would like to know what happened and why he has this scar on his chest. I guess this blog will serve as a record of events and why it all happened.

Anyhow, not long now and we can see him. Granny is bringing Trenton to come and visit shortly which will be nice, unfortunately they do not allow him to come into ICU. . . Understandable.

During the morning to keep our mind off any issues we took a walk around builders warehouse to try plan our new house. The distraction did not work too well as we kept wondering how things were going.

Ok enough banter I need to give some attention to Philippa now.


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Morning of the op

Maybe I am posting too many times lately but I think it is necessary.

Got to sleep round midnight and up at 5am, at 5:30 I got a call from Philippa saying they are bathing Zane in betadine and he has been up for a while now.
Philippa’s phone has died so she called from a pay-phone.

Trenton never stirred at all the entire night, I have just given him a small bottle and popped some baby einstein on for him.

I am ready to go and will ask our Nanny Beuaty to come in a spot earlier so I can get my ass to the hospital.

I have camera laptop, ipod, some magazines, a spare battery for phils phone and a wirelsss modem so I can do some blogging and uploading of photos at the hospital.

Time to change Trent and get my ass into gear to try miss any form of rush hour.

– Bren

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Booked in!

OK I have just returned from the hospital leaving my wife and son there for the night. Zane had some blood taken from his neck amidst all the screaming and wailing it had to be done in order to get the correct blood type for the operation tomorrow morning, they get 3 blood bags of his blood type to run through the machine while they do the bypass operation.
There is a bypass machine and a breathing machine that takes about an hour to get him hooked into it.

I have to wake up around 6 tomorrow get Trenton all fed and set up tomorrow morning, then the maid will help feed with granny while I head over to sunning hill hospital.
The preperation for the op starts at 7:30 and the operation will be over at 12:30.

Zane will be sedated for 24 – 48 hours after the operation while in ICU where he will stay for 74 hours.
After that he will be in the childrens ward.

When they say he is ready to come home which may be a few days after that.

Right now I am on Trenton duty. He just finished his night time bottle and went to sleep like a very good boy.

The baby monitor is set up and the milk bottles are almost ready if he decides to yell at night I can make him some milk, quickly.

I need to groom and shower tonight, get a laptop ready for all the waiting we will do at the hospital and try keep my mind off it and do some work.

off to nuke some woolies dinner!

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Just a quick update
It is Tuesday the 5th today
Zane’s operation has been moved to tomorrow morning of the 6th of December.

In about 30 minutes I will be heading to Sunning hill hospital to check Zane in.

God only knows the next week is going to be very tough for us and Zane and not to mention Trenton who will miss his brother for that period of time.
Granny Lyn will be taking care of Trenton some of the time while we are in the Hospital.

Philippa and I will be alternating nights at the hospital looking after Zane and Trenton.

Hopefully there will not be a time when one of us are not by his side.

Lets hope Discovery pays the entire bill.

Feel free to shoot us an SMS/email to wish Zane well, if you are reading this you probably have one or the other.

I will try keep the blog up to date as time goes by. I will be sitting around waiting in the hospital so time will be available I guess.

On the right this pic of Zane was taken during his first swing on a swing at the multiple birth Christmas party on this past Sunday the 3rd of December.
As you can see by the smile he loved his swing. Looks like I will have to find a spot in the garden for a swing set for the boys.

OK time to head to the hospital Philippa just called to say she is on her way.


– Brennan

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