jailbreak security

In the past few weeks 2 instances of worms have been discovered for iPhones that have been jailbroken.
Namely here : rickroll

and here: worm report

One thing that jailbreak instigators did not take into account is the common password to access the secure shell connection to the iPhone, which is login: “root”, password “alpine”
Being in south africa and the high use of Data Cards Vodacom and MTN are issuing prublicly viewable IP addresses to its iphone or data card users.
What this potentially does, is expose your iPhone to the internet. In doing this it exposes the SSH port which is open on the jailbroken iphones.
With this in mind we need to secure our iPhones from hackers.
To do this it is relatively simple if you have rudimentary computer skills by following these steps:
1: Connect your iPhone and Laptop to the same WiFi Network.
2a: (windows) In Google type “putty”, dont hit search, hit “I am feeling lucky”
The top download link is “putty.exe” download this file.
The above 2 lines can be replaced if you have a better way to get an SSH client onto windows.
When downloaded run putty.exe
2b:(mac) Top right click magnifying glass, type terminal into the text box and click on the terminal .app file.
3:On your iPhone, goto Settings, click Wi-Fi, click on your active Wifi access point(same as laptop/PC network)
4:Click on the active Wifi network “>” icon
5:under the DHCP tab there should be an assigned IP which normally starts with “192.168.#.#”
6a:Take that number and connect to that IP address using Putty in SSH mode with username “root”
6b:In the terminal window type “ssh root@192.168.#.#” ( where the 192.168.#.# should be replaced with the IP address on your iPhone and press enter
7:The text box will ask you to accept the key, Click yes as below:
“The authenticity of host ‘ (’ can’t be established.
RSA key fingerprint is 8e:a9:e1:ef:f2:20:d0:db:90:aa:ec:43:c9:dd:0b:b4.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?”
8: You will then be prompted to enter a password in the following format:
“root@’s password:”
9: Enter the password “alpine”
10: Brennan-Babbs-iPhone:~ root# should be displayed, replace my name with the name of your iphone you named in itunes.
11: At this point we are ready to change root password to one of your own passwords type the following “passwd root”

“Changing password for root.
New password:”
12: Enter a new password that you will remember that is not “password”, “god” “sex” or anything obvious. Choose a password that looks tricky to remember for anyone else but you.
13: You will be asked to repeat it.
Congratulations you have just protected your Jailbroken iPhone from malicious hackers.
Give yourself a big noddy badge, a pat on the back and smile at yourself in the mirror for an uneasy amount of time.
You are now on your way to becoming an iPhone security expert and can teach others how to do this.
Do you feel good? I would, you deserve it! Now go get a coffee and boast about it to your peers phones who are still behind the Apple iron curtain of dictatorship.
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iPhone tethering and thoughts on MMS

ok here is my 2 c worth.
I have created a tethering link for vodacom and MTN here
I have tested vodacom tethering on iphone.vodacom.za and internet APN’s
and they both work for vodacom, and the internet APN works fine for MTN.

From your iphone use the below link.

One thing that this script does do is it replaces the Defaul APN settings for your phone in the MMS settings, which is an issue, but can be manually updated.

apple just released a firmware upgrade to the macbook/macbookpro/imac/macpro line for the bluetooth hardware in order to make bluetooth tethering work easier.

The USB tethering picks up the iphone as an additional Ethernet port and connects seamlessly on both mac and windows. Absolutely genius.

With regards MMS I am experiencing intermittent success and I can only assume the vodacom guys are working on the solution.
My guess is they will allow mms traffic for iphone over the iphone.vodacom.za APN allowing all iphone traffic to travel down a specific route.

Marc Forest has added a few tips on MMS and tethering over here:


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Big Brother Live streaming

Hello! yes I am saying hello to you.
I thought I would do a recap of the events, around the Big Brother Africa 3 live streaming oh and some techie stuff too!
[idiot] what the hell do you know about it?
[me] well I architected and planned it!
[idiot] who cares!
[me] me, it was fun okay so leave me alone!

So in the initial spec for BBA3 was “No live streaming” however being the ever optimist we decided to put the infrastructure in place in the event the powers that be changed there minds (which inevitably always happens).

20 odd days into the production there was a need to stream live footage online.
but but but … Wouldn’t that cannibalize the the paying subscribers on DSTV? Sure! ๐Ÿ™‚

The plan was to create a “CROTCH CAM” … I hear you say ” a what?” yes I am not going to re-type it!

Yes a crotch cam online.
Seeing that Nigeria’s legal system prevented M-Net from doing a decent shower hour show with copious amounts of Nudity! Nigeria Vetoed it! Was it because of the nudity?
yes , it’s really just Nigeria’s communist zipper that is hanging down, and we just happened to notice it!

a very regulated country!? Nigeria? never!

That is a bit of an obscure analogy *glances around nervously* anyhow.
But think of it this way, DSTV has loads of nudity on many many other channels but when its “Real People” and loads of publicity and *gasp* a Real naked Nigerian, then the authorities pull in and start laying down the riot act.

So the plan was to have a cam at crotch level, in the shower, filming the participant’s crotches, streaming it on an online, 24/7 and try monetize it.
Well the idea was great, but to my knowledge(I stand corrected) _Koos_ (if you don’t know who this is, try google his name and the holding company) said something to the effect of ‘we cannot charge africans for video content’, so it had to be free.
Woah we cannot give away free porn, that would be just like ..um … (insert free voyeur porn site name here)

So the sex sells idea got toasted!

What about a garden camera! Whoopdeedoo how exciting… and lets make it free!
boom! smallsignofexcitement GONE!

The lets-rather-ask-for-forgiveness-than-permission motto was toasted!

So the tedious task of streaming a wide angle camera of a garden to the world for free.
How do we do it? pleasenotethesubtelboringundertone!

My initial instinct was to stream it using Flash (this was a relatively new concept) Flash is a great tool, We all now that site with all the video which I will not mention its name here at the risk of lifting its SEO rating on …. oh who am I kidding?
They do oodles of streaming video, but they do it on-dee-mah-nd, not live, which is what I am trying to do here!

So Adobe has this great server called “flash media server” which can cater for just that.
New media being the ever envelope pusher bought this product a generation too early when it had a limit to the number concurrent connected users to 100! yes, this model did not succeed. Any guesses why? *snigger*

So with an ever looming live deadline time frame *TVWAITSFORNOONE* and many emails back and forth to adobe to try sweet talk them into giving us a free upgrade to the unlimited (read: more than 100 simultaneous connected streams) version of flash media server.
What? adobe ? you don’t want to get some free promotion on a Tv phenomenon? No worries, Windows Media is Free. ๐Ÿ™‚

I must admit though that Adobe _DID_ come to the party, but alas after my deadline on the decision.
So easy decision lets download this free tool, to push our video feed to millions! *insert Dr Evil Laugh here* that will be branded with this funny waving flag that has 4 smaller disconnected coloured flags in primary colours.

So here is how it worked in a nutshell!
– {video feed from garden camera}
– {Osprey video capture card}
– {wintendo media encoder}
– {dual redundant internet connections}[neotell 2 meg][telkom leased 2 meg]
– {terminates at mweb}
– {windows media server}
– {frikinexpensivededicatedinternationalbandwidth.for.now}
– {akamai}
– {Akamai’sContentDistributionNetwork}
– {world distribution} now please replace the word distribution with domination!

So thats the nutshell for live streaming.
Ill save the on demand nut for another blog post when I get time.

On the stats side of things… lets just say that We would have had to have had one heck of of a lot of old Flash media licenses to cope with the onslaught of the connected norway hitting that live feed.

Norway brought the web servers to a grinding halt, which gives me some indication that the web developers need to be a lot smarter when building websites for next years world cup!

If you want to know why Norway brought our webserver to a grinding halt!? Our wonderful BBA producers decided to pull a Big Bro participant out of our house and swap him with a Big Bro participant in a Similar Norway production! Gripping stuff! well apparently it was for Norway!

I could make the next blog more technical and less satirically witty. Any takers?

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What your seat can do?

So I have a small gripe about the klm biz class seats, but I will get to it after I list what it does
– three preset settings, namely seated , half leaning back and bed mode
– the “M” does a great back massage
– they are perpetualy heated
– then all the arrows move things around to your liking
– there is even a canopy that scoots over your head

However I could not frikken get comfortable as the bed mode does just not go flat and you keep slipping down, which is infuriating

I should have taken the sleeping tablet my wife gave me

Posted by ShoZu

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The odd things that pop through my mind!

I have a problem! ๐Ÿ™‚
Right, like a guys can have too many gadgets.
I had toys growing up, the toys never go away, they just get more expensive.
I will be 80 soon, ok ok, in 48 years I will be 80.
I will still have toys, hopefully the toys will be bigger, and better (no honey the toy will not be a cute 18 year old girl) *coughofcourseitwillcough*
When I am 80 I will have some sports car that can fly me to my card evening.
By then the idea of living forever will be a reality?
Teleportation will be a reality?
Will time be the only ball and chain of the physical universe?

If what they say about technology is that it is on exponential curve upwards, what do you think might be a reality then?
Will we have colonized another planet by then?
Is this planet a prison?
Will nuclear technology be this planets downfall?

If there is such a thing as reincarnation, how is it the population continues to grow? more prisoners?
Can I occupy 2 bodies at once?
Why do they wipe our mind at the end of each life?
Who are “they”?

If you don’t believe the hype will it still be a hype?

Will you live long enough to be a problem to your kids?

Does a duck with one leg REALLY swim in circles?

If you travel at the speed of light will time actually slow down ?

Jeepers I can ask weird questions, It must be the coffee.

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Ants and Tenants

Firstly ants are cool, next tenants SUCK!
now you can get the just of what this rant is going to be about.
Let me paint a picture.
I have this here tenant in my house in Hout Bay.
Just letting aproved him back in September of 2005.
Veggie distributer, biker, just recently divorced, a kid, an asshole…
His deposit an last months rent was handed over, all seemed well, we delivered an impecible house.
I should have kicked him out the first time his rent was late, but being the nice guy I am I nudged him a bit and he paid. In the entire 2.5 years he has been in that house he has paid once on time. Just once. today he has not paid in 2 months and 20 days.
In the contract it stipulates, look after the garden.(the garden does not exist.)
In the contract it stipulated 1 dog only. He came back and pleaded with me to have 2 so I agreed. I did no agree for the place to be a dog breeding business.
In the contract it stipulates no subletting. Yes you guessed it he sublet it, takes the sublet income and does not pay me.
I am told by my lawyers(if anyone knows any cheap lawyers please let me know)
After a brief walk through of the house in March, he has done the following to the house which is in need of repair.
:broken drawers out of the kitchen
:destroyed a birdbath
:managed to rip out 2 steel poled out of the gate.
:dogs have chewed through all electrical boxes
:guest suite room’s roof is black
:Toilet seats are missing
:A newly laid earthcoat floor is ruined from poor care
:carpets are ripped and dirty
:blinds are broken
:hardwood floor is scratched to hell
:tiles in the bathrooms are cracked and broken
:toilet seat is missing

While walking through the house there was dog? feces on the floor.
The lawn I dont think has been mowed since we left
the retaining wall is not maintained and growing wild.
I attempt to send repair people round to get repairs done but they can never get in because he never answers his door or his phone.

There has never been less than 3 dogs on the property.

The Sherif is goign around this week to attache assets for auction. Then 1 month after that he will be forcably removed by the sheriff and some cops.
All the dogs will be taken to SPCA, all the items will be auctioned and hopefully I will get some remedy on this TWAT!

The neighbour has called the cops and noticed drug activity(nigerian drug dealers)
The neighbourhood watch has now been put on alert at the house.

He has conveniently moved his veg business across the road from the house, where he is about to be evicted aswell.
We need ot get this asswipe out of Houtbay and into the slums (or jail) where he belongs.
Perhaps I can lay a claim against Just letting?

My Alpha male instinct tells me to get a base ball bat and the house keys and go show him what marks a round wooden stick can do to people that don’t hunour their contracts but, my lawyers have advised me against that.

It is going to cost me a small fortune to get that house back in to shape, garden, floors, walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens, doors, … .ARRGG the list goes on.

Has anyone experienced anything simalar?
please do share!
*slams laptop lid closed*

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