iPhone tethering and thoughts on MMS

ok here is my 2 c worth.
I have created a tethering link for vodacom and MTN here
I have tested vodacom tethering on iphone.vodacom.za and internet APN’s
and they both work for vodacom, and the internet APN works fine for MTN.

From your iphone use the below link.

One thing that this script does do is it replaces the Defaul APN settings for your phone in the MMS settings, which is an issue, but can be manually updated.

apple just released a firmware upgrade to the macbook/macbookpro/imac/macpro line for the bluetooth hardware in order to make bluetooth tethering work easier.

The USB tethering picks up the iphone as an additional Ethernet port and connects seamlessly on both mac and windows. Absolutely genius.

With regards MMS I am experiencing intermittent success and I can only assume the vodacom guys are working on the solution.
My guess is they will allow mms traffic for iphone over the iphone.vodacom.za APN allowing all iphone traffic to travel down a specific route.

Marc Forest has added a few tips on MMS and tethering over here:


What your seat can do?

So I have a small gripe about the klm biz class seats, but I will get to it after I list what it does
– three preset settings, namely seated , half leaning back and bed mode
– the “M” does a great back massage
– they are perpetualy heated
– then all the arrows move things around to your liking
– there is even a canopy that scoots over your head

However I could not frikken get comfortable as the bed mode does just not go flat and you keep slipping down, which is infuriating

I should have taken the sleeping tablet my wife gave me

Posted by ShoZu

Ants and Tenants

Firstly ants are cool, next tenants SUCK!
now you can get the just of what this rant is going to be about.
Let me paint a picture.
I have this here tenant in my house in Hout Bay.
Just letting aproved him back in September of 2005.
Veggie distributer, biker, just recently divorced, a kid, an asshole…
His deposit an last months rent was handed over, all seemed well, we delivered an impecible house.
I should have kicked him out the first time his rent was late, but being the nice guy I am I nudged him a bit and he paid. In the entire 2.5 years he has been in that house he has paid once on time. Just once. today he has not paid in 2 months and 20 days.
In the contract it stipulates, look after the garden.(the garden does not exist.)
In the contract it stipulated 1 dog only. He came back and pleaded with me to have 2 so I agreed. I did no agree for the place to be a dog breeding business.
In the contract it stipulates no subletting. Yes you guessed it he sublet it, takes the sublet income and does not pay me.
I am told by my lawyers(if anyone knows any cheap lawyers please let me know)
After a brief walk through of the house in March, he has done the following to the house which is in need of repair.
:broken drawers out of the kitchen
:destroyed a birdbath
:managed to rip out 2 steel poled out of the gate.
:dogs have chewed through all electrical boxes
:guest suite room’s roof is black
:Toilet seats are missing
:A newly laid earthcoat floor is ruined from poor care
:carpets are ripped and dirty
:blinds are broken
:hardwood floor is scratched to hell
:tiles in the bathrooms are cracked and broken
:toilet seat is missing

While walking through the house there was dog? feces on the floor.
The lawn I dont think has been mowed since we left
the retaining wall is not maintained and growing wild.
I attempt to send repair people round to get repairs done but they can never get in because he never answers his door or his phone.

There has never been less than 3 dogs on the property.

The Sherif is goign around this week to attache assets for auction. Then 1 month after that he will be forcably removed by the sheriff and some cops.
All the dogs will be taken to SPCA, all the items will be auctioned and hopefully I will get some remedy on this TWAT!

The neighbour has called the cops and noticed drug activity(nigerian drug dealers)
The neighbourhood watch has now been put on alert at the house.

He has conveniently moved his veg business across the road from the house, where he is about to be evicted aswell.
We need ot get this asswipe out of Houtbay and into the slums (or jail) where he belongs.
Perhaps I can lay a claim against Just letting?

My Alpha male instinct tells me to get a base ball bat and the house keys and go show him what marks a round wooden stick can do to people that don’t hunour their contracts but, my lawyers have advised me against that.

It is going to cost me a small fortune to get that house back in to shape, garden, floors, walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens, doors, … .ARRGG the list goes on.

Has anyone experienced anything simalar?
please do share!
*slams laptop lid closed*

Cents and sensibility

Ahh a short break! Amazing what it does to the soul. I am writing this from the edge of the Pilanesberg game reserve just above Sun City.
We have had a collective time of around 4 hours riding around the park looking for the big 5 and numerous other wild 4 legged creatures.
We have seen perhaps 3 or 4 of the big 5 including a pride of lions with about 7 or 8 little cubs, very unique to see that.

Its off back home this afternoon, check on the house and see how the finishes are going. Getting security put into the new house.

Anyhow game drives are soul cleansing and if you have a good seat you can catchup on those minutes of sleep lost when the kids wake you up.

If by chance you are a foreigner and wanted to do a week in a game reserve, the locals will rip you a new one. Unless of course you can afford it then well thats ok then!

The magic word here is “TimeShare”

Ok I can hear the buffet calling my name!

fly times when fun you are having

Well it has been a while since I had a good rant!
Life is moving on quite fast in the Babb lane. It was only last week when we started building and will probably move into the house at the end of January.
I have been happy snapping photos with my phone and posting them here without comment.

We Started building a house in Craighall Park. Something where the kids will have a fun in.

So Last Sunday Philippa decided she would have a horse riding competition and low and behold the horse tripped and fell on her leg snapping it in a few places. I posted some pics on my facebook profile.
The best part about it is on friday I get to film them taking the staples out of her leg. for those of you who like a bit of blood and gore I will be sure to show you 🙂

Lets see what else is new! I have taken on all the duties that Phil had with the kids which means feeding, fetching and frikkin cleaning crap that has smeared down the legs and up the back! Aaah parenthood, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Its hard to explain to anyone who has never thought about kids that the joy one experiences from experiencing their growth far outweighs the most stinky and messy dump.
Trenton and Zane are currently going through the cutest develoment stages in life, they are sponges right now, everything you do they learn and repeat, so our language needs to improve and they learn by example, so I need to remember not to dig that itch out the inside of the nose infront of the kids. Although it doesn’t help much when you drop them off at creche and all the other kids are doing it. You can only do so much to make an impression.

Facebook phenomenon. OK time for a little rant.
Do you facebook?

Don’t worry you don’t have to click, but my guess is if you are reading this, the answer is yes! you Facebook! It has had unbeliveable growth in this country and globally. Am I addicted to facebook? The answer I give all my work friends: Naah, not really. The answer I try keep to myself: “I wonder what my friends are up to”

Business opportunities are everywhere in Facebook, the question is how to make money, other than advertising?

Ok I need to do some power point programming, and figure out how to spend some of Mnet’s money to make things a little more comfortable for us.