iPhone tethering and thoughts on MMS

ok here is my 2 c worth.
I have created a tethering link for vodacom and MTN here
I have tested vodacom tethering on iphone.vodacom.za and internet APN’s
and they both work for vodacom, and the internet APN works fine for MTN.

From your iphone use the below link.

One thing that this script does do is it replaces the Defaul APN settings for your phone in the MMS settings, which is an issue, but can be manually updated.

apple just released a firmware upgrade to the macbook/macbookpro/imac/macpro line for the bluetooth hardware in order to make bluetooth tethering work easier.

The USB tethering picks up the iphone as an additional Ethernet port and connects seamlessly on both mac and windows. Absolutely genius.

With regards MMS I am experiencing intermittent success and I can only assume the vodacom guys are working on the solution.
My guess is they will allow mms traffic for iphone over the iphone.vodacom.za APN allowing all iphone traffic to travel down a specific route.

Marc Forest has added a few tips on MMS and tethering over here: