The odd things that pop through my mind!

I have a problem! 🙂
Right, like a guys can have too many gadgets.
I had toys growing up, the toys never go away, they just get more expensive.
I will be 80 soon, ok ok, in 48 years I will be 80.
I will still have toys, hopefully the toys will be bigger, and better (no honey the toy will not be a cute 18 year old girl) *coughofcourseitwillcough*
When I am 80 I will have some sports car that can fly me to my card evening.
By then the idea of living forever will be a reality?
Teleportation will be a reality?
Will time be the only ball and chain of the physical universe?

If what they say about technology is that it is on exponential curve upwards, what do you think might be a reality then?
Will we have colonized another planet by then?
Is this planet a prison?
Will nuclear technology be this planets downfall?

If there is such a thing as reincarnation, how is it the population continues to grow? more prisoners?
Can I occupy 2 bodies at once?
Why do they wipe our mind at the end of each life?
Who are “they”?

If you don’t believe the hype will it still be a hype?

Will you live long enough to be a problem to your kids?

Does a duck with one leg REALLY swim in circles?

If you travel at the speed of light will time actually slow down ?

Jeepers I can ask weird questions, It must be the coffee.