Cents and sensibility

Ahh a short break! Amazing what it does to the soul. I am writing this from the edge of the Pilanesberg game reserve just above Sun City.
We have had a collective time of around 4 hours riding around the park looking for the big 5 and numerous other wild 4 legged creatures.
We have seen perhaps 3 or 4 of the big 5 including a pride of lions with about 7 or 8 little cubs, very unique to see that.

Its off back home this afternoon, check on the house and see how the finishes are going. Getting security put into the new house.

Anyhow game drives are soul cleansing and if you have a good seat you can catchup on those minutes of sleep lost when the kids wake you up.

If by chance you are a foreigner and wanted to do a week in a game reserve, the locals will rip you a new one. Unless of course you can afford it then well thats ok then!

The magic word here is “TimeShare”

Ok I can hear the buffet calling my name!