fly times when fun you are having

Well it has been a while since I had a good rant!
Life is moving on quite fast in the Babb lane. It was only last week when we started building and will probably move into the house at the end of January.
I have been happy snapping photos with my phone and posting them here without comment.

We Started building a house in Craighall Park. Something where the kids will have a fun in.

So Last Sunday Philippa decided she would have a horse riding competition and low and behold the horse tripped and fell on her leg snapping it in a few places. I posted some pics on my facebook profile.
The best part about it is on friday I get to film them taking the staples out of her leg. for those of you who like a bit of blood and gore I will be sure to show you 🙂

Lets see what else is new! I have taken on all the duties that Phil had with the kids which means feeding, fetching and frikkin cleaning crap that has smeared down the legs and up the back! Aaah parenthood, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Its hard to explain to anyone who has never thought about kids that the joy one experiences from experiencing their growth far outweighs the most stinky and messy dump.
Trenton and Zane are currently going through the cutest develoment stages in life, they are sponges right now, everything you do they learn and repeat, so our language needs to improve and they learn by example, so I need to remember not to dig that itch out the inside of the nose infront of the kids. Although it doesn’t help much when you drop them off at creche and all the other kids are doing it. You can only do so much to make an impression.

Facebook phenomenon. OK time for a little rant.
Do you facebook?

Don’t worry you don’t have to click, but my guess is if you are reading this, the answer is yes! you Facebook! It has had unbeliveable growth in this country and globally. Am I addicted to facebook? The answer I give all my work friends: Naah, not really. The answer I try keep to myself: “I wonder what my friends are up to”

Business opportunities are everywhere in Facebook, the question is how to make money, other than advertising?

Ok I need to do some power point programming, and figure out how to spend some of Mnet’s money to make things a little more comfortable for us.