Why techies hate telkom

Ok I know everyone has been down this road, but now I need to vent!
The term “I love Telkom” when searched for on google shows up 3 times.
2 of them are Sarcasm and the third is a Newbie to Telkom ways so we will forgive him for now.

In a situation where there is no Monopoly the power of community is unrivaled. For example:
1999 – Kensington Locks, the most reliable locks to secure your Trek R30k mountain bike. INFACT they are so secure they guarantee it!

Some user shoots a home video on how a bic pen with cardboard can be used to open the lock!
The video becomes viral.
Kensington almost goes bankrupt. . .Barely survives.

This works great in a free market but alas the SNO is not here yet.

So how does the techie of todays age survive on a measly 3 gig of bandwidth, when torrents are the order of the day.

I want to download my TV shows which will only air on TV here in a few months.
I am a die HARD 24 fan and I know that Season 6 of 24 is up to episode 10 tomorrow. Not only is Episode 10 airing tomorrow but right after it FOX allows the americans to stream the episode live on line.
How do I keep up to date with my series with 3 Gig of bandwidth? The great thing about the “semi-legal” torrents is that the show will be offered in HiDef. For those south africans who can afford a hidef Plasma or LCD there are a number of solutions for us to bypass these restrictions laid upon us by Telkom, Fox and DSTV.

Telkom for the crappy cap.
Fox for not allowing south africans to view it online
and DSTV for taking so god dam long to get prime time shows to air. (BBC and SKY can do it quick why cant DSTV? is it money?)

Anyhow here are the options we as Uber Techie South Africans have.
Telkom will soon no longer be allowed to cap local bandwidth.
I foresee an array of pay options for International proxy services at a much lower rate, giving us cheaper options to access international bandwidth.
You buy 2 telkom 2 gig accounts and you use 1 for the first 15 days and the other for the last 15.
Telkom do not monitor the CAP as actively as non telkom ISP’s. So telkom will only check if you are capped every few days and the mwebs and ADSL resellers are forced to Check the cap every hour and the hard Cap you.
On a decent sized ADSL line (4meg) you can pull down around 60 gig of content in 1 day.
So on the 15th and on the 30/31st you get all your downloads ready and fire away.

Other options you have for bypassing the rules are IS have a great 30 gig Local only service with a proxy account limited to 192k throughput.

If anyone utilizes a hosting provider in the country wtih a decent amount of bandwidth allocated to it, you can set up a web proxy that allows you to browse sites all over the world using a local only cap and using a CGI web proxy. I wont go too much into this but trust me it works.
In fact if you have access to CGI hosting on any server with a capless traffic option *hint*hint* you will be able to jimmy any system.

NExt if you are just eager to catch the 24 from Fox when they block south african IP’s
there are loads of ISP’s and services all ove the US that supply a free proxy that shows fox a US IP for borwsing.

These are just some ways to get by the cap on your own. antibody.org.za helps us use 2 ADSL accounts to browse local traffic on one ADSL account and international traffic on another ADSL account from the same machine and 1 ADSL line.

This way people who have downloaded an awfull lot of stuff can share it with someoen else with local bandwidth.
There is a nice little package called broadcast machine which will allow us to do local TV torrents, why waste that international CAP use local cap and share internally.

Anyone offering, or now of a service runnign on local bandwith?

May the BitPolice never track you down!