Stitches out today!

I know its been a while since I gave a Zane update but luckily he has been doing so well at home with his brother.
It has been a week since we left the hospital and Zane has been enjoying home life.
He is a little quiet and subdued but I think its all due to the stress of hospital.

Zane needs comforting quite a bit, when he wakes up at night and we are not there he squeels a little and then the comforting voice of Mommy or Daddy put him back into dream land.
I think he was traumatized enough in the hospital to make feel alone when we are not there.

We are trying to give him as much love as posible without alienating Trenton, who has developed a temper tantrum of note.
We are hoping it is just a phase but I am sure it will wear off with some discepline! *whiping sound* 🙂

Here is a quick clip of Zane having a giggle at mommy’s funny laugh

– Bren

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