A giggle from Zane!

I spent 2 hours today playing with Zane in his bed in high care. They have moved him into an isolation room because apparently he has picked up a virus which is contagious to infants.(lucky us) this means I need to keep scrubbing and cleaning my hands every time I enter the room or leave it.

Well zane was sitting up by himself and bashing a rattle and some plastic rings and toys around.
Again I am sorry no photos yet the camera is still at the hospital with Philippa who has been the most awesome Mom ever. She has never left Zanes side unless I was there and she has been the most caring and amazing wife. I don’t know how I could ever handle anything like this without her. I love you angel!
Hopefully that little serenade will get me more than a big kiss when the whole family is home 🙂

Depending on how Zane is tomorrow the Doc says he may be able to come home and take some oral antibiotics with us.

We went to the scanning room today to see how the repair looked using ultrasound. The doc says all looks well and Zane should live a long and healthy life without (touches wood) any further operations.

We were so happy to hear that. The doc also checked to see if there was any liquid around the heart that might need attention but luckily nothing was detected.

So with a huge sigh of relief I would just like to say thanks to everyone that sent flowers,wrote in a card, gifts,fluffy toys and sent wished via SMS , email or Via phone.

Although I do not profess to be very religious, it is at times like these when every time someone says a nice prayer or blessing for Zane that we always greatly appreciate every single thought that has been said to God and even those silent prayers that people make at any time for him. I think that has been the greatest piece of encouragement any parent could ever want to hear.

The Christ church up the road from us where we got the twins baptized/christened has been doing weekly prayers for Zane through-out the congregation and have been contacting Philippa regularly to get status reports and we cannot thank the congregation enough for those prayers.
Thank you , Thank you thank you.

Zainab, another mother of twins, who is of the Muslim faith has been keeping Zane in their family prayers, which makes us very grateful.

My mother who has been in Clearwater Florida in the states has devoted her life to Scientology and I know that Scientology is what I see as a spiritual religion may or may not have some way in which they deal with things like this. I know my mother has been calling Reguly. I only wish I had been able to take more of the calls that have been coming through to me. Mom I know it has been on your mind a lot too and I appreciate all the words of advice on caring for Zane during his time in the hospital. I have tired my best to take those words of advice and put them to practice.

Ok, I know, I know I am rambling a bit about this. I just felt I needed to thank those people who have given every bit of effort to helping us through this trying time.

*swallows lump in throat*

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