Morning of the op

Maybe I am posting too many times lately but I think it is necessary.

Got to sleep round midnight and up at 5am, at 5:30 I got a call from Philippa saying they are bathing Zane in betadine and he has been up for a while now.
Philippa’s phone has died so she called from a pay-phone.

Trenton never stirred at all the entire night, I have just given him a small bottle and popped some baby einstein on for him.

I am ready to go and will ask our Nanny Beuaty to come in a spot earlier so I can get my ass to the hospital.

I have camera laptop, ipod, some magazines, a spare battery for phils phone and a wirelsss modem so I can do some blogging and uploading of photos at the hospital.

Time to change Trent and get my ass into gear to try miss any form of rush hour.

– Bren

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