At 10:45 this morning while we were biting our nails in the waiting room a nurse just came in and gave us the all clear Zanes operation was a success they were just taking him off the bypass machine. We will probably be able to see him in about 1.5 hours. He will however be heavily sedated and non responsive at least the HUGE weight is off our shoulders of anything going wrong.

The emotional stress that one goes through for this is not very enjoyable.

I got to the hospital this morning at 7am, I got to see a groggy pre-med Zane (very cute in this phase) getting ready for the operation. We found out his blood type is B positive. I wonder what Trenton’s blood type is?

The tears were not something that I tried to pull back. They flowed, for both of us.

We have taken lots of photos before he went in and just as he was put under I managed to sneak in a video of how they were doing it.

They are very nervous about camera’s in the operating room because I guess if there is a malpractice issue you have proof.

I got some last minute photos and now we wait for the post op photos.
They may be a bit traumatic but I figured one day he would like to know what happened and why he has this scar on his chest. I guess this blog will serve as a record of events and why it all happened.

Anyhow, not long now and we can see him. Granny is bringing Trenton to come and visit shortly which will be nice, unfortunately they do not allow him to come into ICU. . . Understandable.

During the morning to keep our mind off any issues we took a walk around builders warehouse to try plan our new house. The distraction did not work too well as we kept wondering how things were going.

Ok enough banter I need to give some attention to Philippa now.


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