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OK I have just returned from the hospital leaving my wife and son there for the night. Zane had some blood taken from his neck amidst all the screaming and wailing it had to be done in order to get the correct blood type for the operation tomorrow morning, they get 3 blood bags of his blood type to run through the machine while they do the bypass operation.
There is a bypass machine and a breathing machine that takes about an hour to get him hooked into it.

I have to wake up around 6 tomorrow get Trenton all fed and set up tomorrow morning, then the maid will help feed with granny while I head over to sunning hill hospital.
The preperation for the op starts at 7:30 and the operation will be over at 12:30.

Zane will be sedated for 24 – 48 hours after the operation while in ICU where he will stay for 74 hours.
After that he will be in the childrens ward.

When they say he is ready to come home which may be a few days after that.

Right now I am on Trenton duty. He just finished his night time bottle and went to sleep like a very good boy.

The baby monitor is set up and the milk bottles are almost ready if he decides to yell at night I can make him some milk, quickly.

I need to groom and shower tonight, get a laptop ready for all the waiting we will do at the hospital and try keep my mind off it and do some work.

off to nuke some woolies dinner!

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