Just a quick update
It is Tuesday the 5th today
Zane’s operation has been moved to tomorrow morning of the 6th of December.

In about 30 minutes I will be heading to Sunning hill hospital to check Zane in.

God only knows the next week is going to be very tough for us and Zane and not to mention Trenton who will miss his brother for that period of time.
Granny Lyn will be taking care of Trenton some of the time while we are in the Hospital.

Philippa and I will be alternating nights at the hospital looking after Zane and Trenton.

Hopefully there will not be a time when one of us are not by his side.

Lets hope Discovery pays the entire bill.

Feel free to shoot us an SMS/email to wish Zane well, if you are reading this you probably have one or the other.

I will try keep the blog up to date as time goes by. I will be sitting around waiting in the hospital so time will be available I guess.

On the right this pic of Zane was taken during his first swing on a swing at the multiple birth Christmas party on this past Sunday the 3rd of December.
As you can see by the smile he loved his swing. Looks like I will have to find a spot in the garden for a swing set for the boys.

OK time to head to the hospital Philippa just called to say she is on her way.


– Brennan

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