Heart op date change

After driving back from rather intoxicating Christmas lunch to pick up my sister I get a call from Dr Kingsley (Zane’s surgeon). Well from his secretary. God forbid that he should call himself.

He will be on leave until the 6th of December when Zane’s op is on the 5th. We quite obviously had a small dilemma here.

She gave us the option of having the operation next week.(29th Nov) or on the 7th of December. We opted to go with the 7th when he would be around after the operation should anything go wrong he would be there to look after our special package.

It’s quite tricky preparing your mind for an operation at a specific date then having the doc screw things around.

*deep breath* think happy thoughts*

We are prepared to do anything to make sure everything goes well.

Check out the links on the left to see some photos of the boys and to read up on the heart operation.

– Bren

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