A genuine Woofer

Though I’m not sure what the sound quality is like, this Woofer is brilliant sculptural double entendre none-the-less. Created by Buro Vormkrijgers, a Dutch design studio founded by Sander Mulder and Dave Keune, the headless dog speaker system is available as a single woofer or a pair of stereo speakers. The team is also planning to follow-up with Tweeter, a bird-like desktop speaker system. No word yet on pricing or availability, but there are other fun things on their site.

The Sling box

I have the luck of the irish!
Only I am not irish! go figure.
(what movie is that from?)

I have a Friend that works at a Naspers (check your local stock exchnage) company in San Diego who purchased the Slingbox!

They have given me access rights to view it.

Basicaly a slingbox sits ontop of your TV pluged into your ADSL and into the video out of your TV and has an IR blaster to remote control the TV.

It has currently 2 Viewing clients.

One on your PC and one in heavy beta for MS pocketPC.

So if your phone is connected at a decent speed to the internet you can litteraly watch what your PVR has recorded from anywhere in the world.

The big push in “watch tv when you want to watch” has been great but here comes
” Watch TV when and where you want”

The device is pretty sweet unfortunately no PAL support yet, hey thats ok right now as I get to channel surf all of the US array of channels.

Unfortunately my friend does not subscribe to the playboy channel 🙁
But it is UBER-cool!
If it hit South African shores I would snap it up in an instant.